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Hotels in Naples


Naples is a interesting and significant town of south Italy. As one of the biggest towns of this country is Naples the home of circa 1,2 million people. In the shadow of the gulf of Naples is the famous Vulcan Vesuvius enthroned. Naples is dominated of the Plebiscito place. This is a Theater in form of a semicircle in with the church of San Francisco di Paola is in the centre.
Numerous tourists visit every year this fascinating region of Italy. A high-quality hotel business and gastronomy and also affectionate, after Italian Tradition, prepared meals take care that you fell here at home. Countless hotels, apartments, pensions, youth hostels, camping grounds, and others are here to choose from.
Worth-seeing things in Naples:

Numerous museums

Napoli sotterranea (the subterranean Naples)


Excavation San Lorenzo Maggiore

Countless churches and gates

Castel dell’Ovo

Castel Sant’Elmo

Castello Nuovo (Maschio Angioino)

Palazzo Reale

Theater of San Carlo

Vulcan Solfatara

Nearly 10 kilometres far away of the Vesuvius is the famous excavation Pompeii, which was in 79 ad. simultaneously with Herculaneum buried under the scorching ashes of the lava of the Volcano. Since 1944 the Vesuvius is sleeping and it is under continuously observation of volcanologs. Today is the Vesuvius a fascinating and popular destination for trips with the whole family. But don’t have any pain! - An eventual volcanic eruption can be predicted of the volcanologs two weeks before.

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